Fitness Tech: Get Fit and Healthy Using Cutting-Edge WearableTechnology

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New personal health technology tools are rapidly becoming available—and just in time, too. A plague of obesity and related degenerative diseases are endangering us all. Now, fitness tech; wearable activity trackers, wellness watches, smartphone apps, and canny cloud displays have arrived to help us avoid these dangers and become fit and healthy.

This book helps you sort through the digital deluge and the app avalanche. It focuses on key health behaviors and describes how you can equip yourself with and use these wearable technologies to help you achieve your personal goals of fitness, vitality, and high-level well-being. You can meet these ambitious aims and achieve a healthy lifestyle using your own personal skills combined with fitness tech.

• Learn how to avoid preventable diseases. Fitness tech can help us be lean, strong, and free of most of the lifestyle diseases that strike down eighty percent of us.

• See how smartphone apps with their intelligent cloud-based graphics can inform and motivate your extra steps and more frequent jogs.

• Focus like a laser on the personal behaviors that make or break your health and fatten you up or slim you down.

• Learn how to best use this new technology with specific skills for your well-being.

• Acquire your own personal fitness tech from the book’s guidance on all types.

• Wear on your wrist or in your pocket an inexpensive activity tracker to increase your movement and decrease your waistline.

• Change your food shopping from junk to hunk with smartphone apps to analyze what goes into your shopping cart.

• Put on fitness tech ‘wearables’ to create a protective cocoon against fat-causing foods and sedentary lifestyles. Make active, informed choices of nutrition and physical activity and move yourself toward health and vitality.

• Audit your personal space at home, especially the kitchen, for fattening foods. What’s in your refrigerator? Actually your next refrigerator will know.

• Restructure the fat-causing obesogenic world around you to be fit instead of fat.

• Avoid diabetes with apps and tools to censor the sugar, build the muscle, and take the steps to reduce insulin resistance.

• Enlist your world of people to help you be healthier, as you do the same for them, with social apps and face-to-face commitments.

• Connect yourself with the cloud to help you track activity and nutrition from anywhere, along with gaining a new era of expert assistance from the cloud.

• Straighten up with apps, even trackers, for avoiding poor posture.

• Muscle up with strength building apps and new ‘Internet of Things’ sensors on cutting edge equipment.

• Shop for your food aided by smartphone apps that scan labels and provide you with nutrition information and a grade before the item even enters your shopping basket.

• Protect your family by helping them live more healthy lives, right along with you.  Boost your friends into healthier lives with fitness competition and camaraderie.

• Explore how your medical care will be changed (and be less needed) by medical apps.

• Take more daily steps and far fewer pills with your new apps, devices, and cloud resources! Don’t get sick, get fit instead.

The time is now; the technology is here, the need is clear. Get on board, gear up, and get strong, lean, and healthy with fitness tech!


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